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To design a new sunken garden for a country house with levels, landings and water features. The garden should be 250 square meters and incorporate seating. 


Slate Vila Garden




September 2019

This project was designed for a contemporary house built as a series of interlocking cuboids clad in black timber and grey bricks. As well as the architectural features of the house, the garden was inspired by modernist paintings from the De Stijl and Suprematist movements. The main materials are smooth grey concrete, Cotswold gravel and black slate which gives richness and depth to the space. Water runs along channels and cascades down steps to reach a plunge pool lined with black granite, creating a glossy, moody water feature. Planting is kept to a minimal selection for a contemporary design. Tall ornamental grasses planted at different levels soften the hard edges, blur the excavation and enclose the space for an intimate atmosphere.

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